March 24th, 2010

…with a bit of urban luxe and a graphical edginess twist. it’s hard to narrow yourself down! for any of you that spent time in our old apartment, you’d probably agree on the vintage part. the fun thing about feeling most connected to a “vintage classic” identification is that i would describe our house by those words (the way it was built: the peaks, the windows, etc.)… so it feels right to fix it up accordingly.

coincidentally, a few months ago in Real Simple they had a few spreads on defining your style. & it confirmed what i already was feeling…


—this is probably the most obvious one when you walk in our house… and if it’s not now, it will be since most of what we need we’ll find thrifting or at vintage shops!


—i love colored walls, white molding & hardwood floors together. i love clean lines. i love chandeliers & luxe-ish stuff too.

then they put a handy “where to shop” page at the end of the style article. i think it’s helpful to anyone that reads it… there are always projects to be done & it’s fun to know new places to shop or be inspired that are actually what you like!


—most of the vintage eclectic places are already my favorite. like anthropologie & :)

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